I’ve just come back from gamescom in Cologne working for Xbox so thought it was high time I put some of my Xbox work up on the site.

Zip re-mix of the disco classic ‘I Feel Love’ for Fila’s association with the movie ‘The Firm’ by Nick Love.

Cornershop - Supercomputed Promo

I’ve just discovered that the subject of a film I made for Channel 4 many years ago has been made into a musical. The Glasgow Girls are a group of amazing young women who campaign on the behalf of asylum seekers. You can see a an excerpt of my film above, excuse the low quality, it was before the days of HD!


Beyond The Streets

Here’s a film I made with a great group of young people as part of a project with the Children’s Society and Kazzum. Shot in about 12 hours in total I think the group created a really professional film.

Short Film ‘Patience’ chosen as part of the Flipside Youth Film Festival

The film I made with young people in Barnet along with the Refugee Youth Project and Kazzum has been chosen to be part of this great film festival. If you can’t make it to Portobello Pop Up Cinema you can watch it here.

Future Researchers: Children’s Dreams for a Better Education

This film was made by young refugees in Cairo and explores their experiences of education. This project was organised by Refugee Youth Project UK, Children’s Cooperative, Egypt and funded by Comic Relief.

Refuge in Films: young filmmakers at the BFI

Two films that I worked on with two fantastic groups of young people in Manchester and Cairo will be shown the Saturday at the BFI as part of ‘Refuge in Films’. Looking forward to seeing some of the Bhutanese group who will be coming down from Manchester.

The sound of Tahrir Square on 2nd September 2012 now the demonstrations have subsided. I’m here working with young refugees, helping them make a film to support their research on refugees experiences of education in Cairo. The film will be up here in a week or two. In the meantime, have a listen and imagine that you are wandering through the streets of Cairo in as the temperature stays high right through the night.

University of East London - Zach Gachette